It would be downright weird for one to survive on a diet of household electronic goods around the house, and normally, if we see someone chewing on wires and transistors as a meal, we would dial up the closest psychiatric ward to enlist help on what to do. Well, such a sight of someone gulping down on a desk lamp might not be so strange after all in the near future assuming the Bite Me desk lamp comes into being. Thanks to New York-based designer Victor Vetterlein, the Bite Me desk lamp is edible, meaning you can chow it down once you are done with it.

The exterior of the Bite Me desk lamp is made out of a biodegradable plastic which is derived from vegetable glycerin and agar. Of course, it makes perfect sense to remove the electrical components before you consume the edible bits of the lamp, where prior to that all you need to do is soak the plastic bit in water (clean water, obviously) for an hour. When submerged in water, the biodegradable material will start to soften up, and you can choose from cherry, apple, orange, and blueberry flavors.

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