Has Christmas come early for those who picked up Ceton’s $179 Echo Windows Media Center Extender? Apparently so, as it seems that updates are on the way which will deliver the finalized Extender software, in addition to beta support for the Android platform and apps. In a specially detailed message which was sent to testers earlier this evening, there was also the inclusion of an update that will be rolling out in the next 24 hours where it will deliver a bump in the right direction to video output, upgrading it to 1080p while exposing settings for the Echo such as optical audio out, bitstreaming over HDMI or optical and diagnostics.

It does not matter if you are not all that in to the beta test but would prefer to run the latest software instead, Ceton also has you in mind, by pushing out beta InfiniTV drivers for Windows 8 users. Bear in mind that tuner bridging is not supported should the card be installed in a Windows 8 PC. Heck, it is not over yet, as a beta version of the Ceton Companion services which will connect Media Center PCs to its mobile Companion apps are also part of the mix.

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