Coca-Cola in Great Britain has come up with what they call the ‘Work It Out Calculator‘, where it was developed in association with ex-Olympian and professor Dr. Greg Whyte, in order to share with the rest of the world the importance of balancing the kind of energy that enters your body, as well as energy spent. This is an online tool which allows you to pick your your favorite Coca‑Cola beverage, and after consuming it, will also share a list of various exercises so that you are able to burn off the calories consumed. Take for example a can of Coca-Cola that has 139 calories – you will need to play 17 minutes of basketball or vacuum your home for 51 minutes in order to burn the entire can. Salsa dancing takes the shortest amount of time at just 14 minutes, and I wonder how many hours of Diablo 3 gaming does it take to do so?

Of course, there would be those who have a different school of thought – avoid drinking all the fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola altogether, and settle for far more nutritious and healthy drinks such as natural fruit juices and of course, water. At least you do not need to run the risk of getting diabetes along the way, but if you cannot give up your daily intake of Coke, the Work It Out Calculator does make for a fun site to visit.

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