When it comes to games like Dead or Alive, you know for sure that one of the top draws of the series would be the cast of colorful characters whom you choose to dispense bone crunching punches and kicks. Well, traditionally speaking, most the the gaming demographic tend to lie with males, which is why some video game studios decided to go along with what sells most of the time – sex. Having said that, the upcoming costume pack for Dead or Alive 5 will be a very varied bunch, sporting China-made outfits, formal get-ups, as well as scantily clad clothes which belong in a swimsuit competition or a men’s mag instead of in a video game.

The “China Pack” will offer Helena, Gen Fu, Jann Lee, and Brad Wong a new and fresh look, while the “Special” Pack would mean less cloth for Christie, Kasumi, Mila, and Zack, with the “Formal Pack” ensuring James Bond receives a run for his money from Elliot, Bass, Tina, and Leifang. All the packs will cost $13, while individual packs cost $6.

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