It can be rather frustrating when your short term memory betrays you, especially when it involves gizmos and gadgets that you have worked so hard and long for. Too bad the hound that you have sleeping on your sofa is more interested in tracking down a bunny or the scent of his favorite ball, but does not give two hoots about your missing Samsung Galaxy S3. With The Gadget Hound, things are slightly different now, where this sleek, patent-pending design gizmo is touted to locate the smallest of objects within seconds.

You can use The Gadget Hound to search for virtually anything, ranging from eyeglasses to cellphones, MP3 players, remote controls and heck – why not a missing cat in the process? Unlike the standard issue keyfinder or cellphone locator, The Gadget Hound will rely on a multi-button transmitter with corresponding tiny receivers that are smaller than the size of a quarter, which is conveniently attached to the object of your choice where it will emit a loud sounding alarm in order to help you locate the pinpoint position of that object in question. There will be an exclusive Limited Edition of The Gadget Hound which will roll out alongside the Standard and Deluxe versions. [Press Release]

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