Having steady hands makes for a great photograph and while there are techniques that one can employ to ensure a steady shot (such as breathing out while pressing the shutter), utilizing accessories like tripods or shutter release cables can help as well. Given that our smartphones these days can do more than just make phone calls and send text messages, we guess we aren’t surprised to learn that our smartphones can even double as shutter release cables as well, and that’s what ioShutter will do for Nikon cameras.

Released by Enlight Photo, the ioShutter will come in two parts – one part will be an app for the iPhone or iPad that controls the shutter release cable, and the other part will be the cable itself which appears to connect to your iOS device via the 3.5mm audio jack. The shutter release cable itself will set you back $69.95 and as for the app, there will be two versions: a free one or a paid $9.99 version that will offer the photographer a few more features and added control.

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