Astroboy (Roboy) A Future Possibility?

Humanity is still very far from coming up with a robot that is so intelligent, it could function in the same way that we see C3-PO and Sonny (from I, Robot fame) interact. Well, this does not mean that we are not going to try (and hopefully, not die trying). A team from Switzerland has taken it up upon themselves to create a humanoid looking robot that intends to come in the form of a realistic robot boy. Known as Roboy, it was developed by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich, and comes across as a tendon-driven humanoid robot which will share a similar physical size as that of a human four year old.

Roboy is unique as it will focus closely on replicating the functions of human tendons, joints, bones, and muscles. Being in the construction phase, the group of researchers behind Roboy intend to raise funds enough to kick start Roboy’s production, and they intend to do so by taking the age old route of advertising, that is, selling logo space on its body. Roboy is tipped to be completed by the time March 2013 rolls around – you down to purchase one if you can afford it?

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