Automated Drones Could Help Keep Birds Away From Airports

As big as our planes are, birds can actually pose a danger to them. Not because we’re worried about birds attacking planes, but rather because of what is known as “bird strikes”, where birds (or other animals that fly) crash into planes or get sucked into the engine of a plane which can cause damage to it.

The AirSelfie2 Flying Camera Is Now Available For Purchase

Drones have certainly changed the way photos and videos are taken, at least by enthusiasts and hobbyists who would not have had access to more expensive equipment. In fact back in 2017, a device by the name of the AirSelfie was launched in which it was a drone that was small enough to fit into a special case in a smartphone to take with you on the go.

Alleged DJI Mavic 2 Photos & Details Leaked

We have been hearing rumors that DJI is working on a new drone in the form of the Mavic 2. Now thanks to a render obtained by the folks at Photo Rumors, we have a better idea of what the upcoming drone could look like. The render also also seems to corroborate a leaked image from earlier this month in terms of its design.

New Bill In The UK Might Require Drone Owners To Be Of A Certain Age

There are age limits when it comes to doing certain activities, such as drinking, driving, smoking, voting, gambling, and so on. However the question is, should there be an age limit when it comes to using drones? That’s something a new bill proposed by the UK’s Department of Transport seems to suggest.


Robot Plant Pot Has Legs That Lets It Chase Sunlight

Plants need sunlight to survive and that’s a fact. This is why sometimes when you can see plants that end up growing in weird directions in order to best reach the areas where there is sunlight. Now the problem with indoor plants is that they don’t always have access to sunlight, but this robot could solve that problem.

Facebook Scraps Its Internet Drone Project

We’ve known for a while that Facebook has been working on bringing the internet to more remote locations, and this was achieved through the use of drones. This is a similar endeavor that other companies such as Google have taken on in the past, but in the case of Facebook it looks like their internet drone efforts have come to an end.

Ohio Testing Out Using Drones To Monitor Highway Traffic

There are many ways that one can monitor traffic on highways, such as using cameras placed along the highway. However could there be a better, more efficient, and more dynamic way of monitoring traffic? The folks at the Ohio State University seem to think that using drones to monitor traffic could be a viable solution.

AI Used In Drones Can Spot Violent Behavior In Crowds

It is easy to see why drones are ideal for surveillance, especially in crowded areas where the drones can provide an aerial overview of what’s going on. However the fact that it is so far removed from the crowd means that certain things might be missed by the drone pilot, which is why AI comes into play.

Parrot Unveils Compact & Foldable Anafi 4K Drone

Drones used to be pretty big and bulky, and drone pilots who wanted to use their drones typically had special cases that they had to keep their drones in. However companies such as DJI started to introduce more compact drones, like the Mavic Air, but now it looks like Parrot might have an answer to it with the recently announced Parrot Anafi.

Food Delivery By Drones Now Being Tested In China

The concept of using drones to make deliveries isn’t new and it actually makes a lot of sense. Drones don’t have to deal with the same kind of traffic that a motorcycle, car, or delivery truck has to, which means that in theory it should be a lot faster to get items into the hands of customers.

Regulators Propose Visible License Plates On Drones In The Future

When drone owners register their drones with the FAA, they’ll get a government-issued ID number that they can then put on the drone or inside the drone for identification purposes in the future. However the only problem with that is that you only know the drone’s identification when you have it in your hands.

Researchers Create Robots That Can Complete Tasks By Observing Humans

There are always jokes about how robots could one day replace humans at their jobs. However there is a simple solution to this, and that is to simply not make these robots in the first place. Unfortunately it looks like it’s not as straightforward as that, thanks to the efforts of NVIDIA and a team of researchers who have developed a deep learning system that basically lets robots learn how […]

iPad Robot Attends High School Graduation On Behalf Of Hospitalized Student

Graduating from high school is a pretty big moment in the lives of students as it signifies that they are now ready for the next step in life, which more often than not is either college or university. This is why attending the graduation ceremony is a big deal for both parents and students.

Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot Will Go On Sale In 2019

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has released countless videos which reveal just how far along it has come with its technological advancements since its early days. One of its more intriguing creations is the SpotMini robot which kind of looks like a dog. The videos it has released of the SpotMini have shown the robot navigating around an office on its own, opening a door for a second SpotMini robot, and […]