Researchers Develop Ankle Exoskeleton To Help With Running
We’ve all seen exoskeletons before. These devices have been used in a variety of situations, such as helping those who are paralyzed walk, and also helping factory workers by allowing them to lift heavier objects. Now it looks like researchers at Stanford University have developed an exoskeleton designed to be worn around the ankles that will apparently help us run better.

UPS Looking To Develop Quieter Delivery drones
When you watch drone footage, it can sometimes look very epic and majestic, but the reality of filming with drones is that they can be incredibly noisy. If you’ve ever seen a drone being flown, you can definitely hear how loud it is, and this is a problem that UPS is looking to solve by working together with German drone-maker Wingcopter.

Intel Is Making A Chip That Will Smell Things Like A Human
Even though there are loads of projects that try to create an artificial neural network – Intel seems to be doing something interesting.It looks like Intel is developing a computer chip that can potentially smell things like a human does.Intel believes that they have built an algorithm that mimics the brain activity of a human being when we smell something and the chip will utilize that to detect the smell.As […]

Robots Can Learn To Set The Table By Watching Humans
If you eat by yourself, there is a good chance you can’t really be bothered to set the table. However, if you are throwing a fancy dinner party, then learning how to properly set a table is important, especially if there are guests in attendance that you want to impress. The good news is that in the future, you might be able to get a robot to do it.


Meet The Robot That Makes 150 Burgers An Hour
We would probably end up being replaced by robots and A.I assistants in the future.But, making a tasty burger with an incredibly low wage of $3 an hour non-stop sounds impressive.When compared to a human employee, it is faster and more profitable.From what we know about it – “Flippy” is a robot developed by Miso Robotics that can make burgers as perfectly as a human, potentially even faster.It can make […]

A Robot Can Change Your Tires In About 10 Minutes
Nowadays, a lot of tasks are being replaced by robots instead of humans. In a way, that is a good thing – to increase the efficiency and potentially decrease the workload from a human worker.The same can be said for changing tires. Of course, changing tires isn’t rocket science – however, sometimes it takes a while for a service mechanic to change your tires.If you had a robot to do […]

This Robot Does A Better Job Of Drawing Blood Than Humans
We’ve all been to the doctors where we might have to have our blood taken. Depending on you and also the person drawing the blood, this might be a relatively quick and painless process. However, sometimes due to some people’s veins being harder to find, or the lack of experience of the person taking your blood, it might take them several painful tries.

This Robot Can ‘Sweat’ To Cool Itself Down
Similar to human beings, when machines like computers get too hot, they can stop functioning properly or optimally. This is we as humans sweat, to help our body cool down, and this is a concept that researchers are taking and applying it to robots. This has resulted in a soft robot that can apparently “sweat” to keep itself cool.

Bird-Like Wings Could Help Drones Fly For Longer Periods Of Time
The problem with many drones these days, commercial ones at least, is that battery life is usually not particularly great. Some of the bigger models might last longer, but the smaller ones have flight times that can be embarrassingly short. However, researchers at Brown University think that they might have found a solution.

Apple Reportedly Pulls Its AI From The Pentagon’s Drone Program
Apple isn’t exactly known for having military contracts. The closest they have ever gotten was when they teamed up with the Pentagon to develop high-tech wearables for the military. However, the company did find themselves with a military contract when they acquired AI startup,

Facebook’s New AI Allows Robots To Navigate Without The Use Of Maps
Devices like Roombas rely on maps to find their way around your home. This is done by the robot moving around and when it detects an obstacle, it marks it down, and ultimately this creates a map of the room so that it knows where it can or cannot go. However, Facebook thinks that they might have developed an AI for robots that could potentially eliminate the need for maps.

Bird-inspired Drone Bends Its Wings To Move Quickly
We’ve seen several delivery drones that take different approaches to how they work.Now, a team of researchers from Stanford University’s Lentink Lab have come up with PigeonBot- a drone which can bend, extend and simply change the shape of its wings like real birds can.They also shared more details on it in their research paper.Basically, if this tech improves, it can potentially let drones to easily make tight turns and […]

Australian Man Is First In The World To Undergo A Robotic Kidney Transplant
For hundreds of years, medical operations have been done mostly by humans. This is why it is important that surgeons are competent and aren’t sleepy or drunk or on drugs while they operate on patients. This is because a wrong move, even a small one, could potentially result in a patient losing their life.

Researchers Have Developed The World’s First Living, Self-Healing Robots
When we think of robots, we think of these huge and stiff metallic machines. However, a group of scientists are challenging the way we look at robots as they have developed what is being described as the world’s first living and self-healing robot which they made by using the stem cells of a frog.