Body Surrogate Robots Could Be Used To Help The Disabled

People with motor impairment can sometimes find it hard to take care of themselves. This means that in some instances, they might need to hire a healthcare professional to take care of them. However it seems that researchers at Georgia Tech might have figured out a way that could allow those with motor impairment to take care of themselves, and that is through the use of robots.

Robot Valets To Park Cars At A France Airport

Imagine not having to find a parking spot at the airport when you’re already running late for your flight. That’s something that robots could help you out with and if happen to fly out of France’s Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport, robots will certainly help you out with this. Stanley Robots is going to put its fleet of robot valets to use at this airport.

MIT’s New Robot Can Do Backflips

The Cheetah team at MIT has already shown that they’re pretty good with making robots and their latest creation just might be their most impressive robot so far. Some of the robots that they have previously made are capable of jumping through hurdles and even navigating blindly. This new robot can do backflips.

Android Buddhist Deity To Start Preaching At Kyoto Temple

A famed temple built in Japan’s cultural capital of Kyoto by the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a warlord from the 16th century who unified Japan, to commemorate her husband will now have an Android deity preaching to the public. The Android Kannon, with its hands clasped together, adds a touch of modernity to the historical temple.


Researchers Develop System That Helps Robots Better Track Objects

As humans, we tend to have greater flexibility and adaptiveness compared to robots. For example, if we dropped an orange, we would reach out and attempt to stop it from rolling to the ground. Robots, on the other hand, might not, depending on how they are programmed. However, researchers at MIT have developed a system that would make robots better at tracking objects.

Samsung Unveils Robotic Arms For The Kitchen

These days we’re starting to see more companies launch smarter kitchen appliances and gadgets, such as microwave ovens with built-in digital assistants, or fridges that are smart enough to let us know when we need to make a trip to the grocery store. However Samsung thinks that they have a better idea: robotic arms.

Toshiba’s Latest Robot Will Probe Fukushima’s Melted Nuclear Reactors

Toshiba today unveiled a remote-controlled robot which it hopes will be able to probe inside one of the three damaged reactors at Japan’s ill-fated Fukushima nuclear power plant. The ultimate aim is to be able to grip chunks of the melted fuel, which is highly radioactive, with this robot.

Samsung’s Upcoming Smartwatch Could Be Called Galaxy Watch Active

For the longest time ever, Samsung used the Gear branding for its wearables and smartwatches, but last year the company switched it up and started using the Galaxy brand for its devices. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Samsung might have a new smartwatch that could also be using the Galaxy brand.

Intel Unveils New RealSense Cameras That Can Help Machines Navigate

There are various ways in which robots and autonomous machines can navigate around by themselves. One of those ways is by using GPS, but it looks like Intel could be thinking up of other ways that such machines move around by themselves. The company has since taken the wraps off the new Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265 (via Engadget).

Gatwick Airport To Trial Robot Valet Parking

We’ve all seen instances of how terrible some people are when it comes to parking, where they occupy more than one slot at once. This has a chain reaction which can sometimes result in drivers being unable to find parking. However over in the UK, Gatwick Airport has decided to trial the use of robot valet parking.

Amazon To Start Testing Its Scout Delivery Robot

Amazon is pretty good when it comes to logistics, as they are able to deliver products nationwide and around the world, suggesting that they have a very good infrastructure in place. The company has also been exploring a variety of ways of delivery, such as by using drones which can make deliveries by air.

Newark Airport Temporarily Halted Operations Following Drone Sightings

Last year there were reports about how potential drone sightings forced the Gatwick Airport to halt its operations. Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that recent sightings at Newark Airport might have forced operations to be temporarily halted. This is according to the FAA who confirmed that due to alleged drone sightings flying over Teterboro Airport, operations had to be temporarily halted as a result.

Sony’s Latest Aibo Dog Is Considerably Less Creepy

Sony’s Aibo robot dogs were designed to be “realistic”, but we have to admit that it can come off a bit creepy as smiling robots tend to be a bit disconcerting. However Sony’s latest Aibo, which was launched in the US last year, was a huge improvement over the first-generation model, but over in Japan Sony is trying their hand at making it more “realistic”.

Robot Dog Can Learn To Pick Itself Back Up After A Fall

There are some movies where we get comical scenes of people pushing over robots who are unable to pick themselves up after they fall. This seemed like a good way to run away from our robot overlords, at least until now where researchers have actually taught a robot dog how to pick itself back up after it has fallen over.