Robot Hotel In Japan Lays Off Half Of Its Robots

Some of you may remember reading about the Henn na hotel in Japan back in 2015. It relied on a lot of robots to handle the jobs that you’d normally find humans doing in a hotel. In what seems like a solid case of irony, the hotel has had to effectively lay off half of its 243 robots, and will most likely be hiring humans to perform the functions.

Google Testing Out Coffee Delivery By Drones In Australia

Is drone delivery the future of deliveries? We know that some companies are already working on such technology, and a recent video published by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that over in the state of Canberra, Australia, Google is already testing out and making deliveries by autonomous drones.

Police Use Robot To Deliver A Vape Pen To End Standoff

Robots can save lives in a variety of different situations, even when someone is in the middle of a standoff with the police and threatening to set fire to a convenience store. Police in Novato, California was involved in one such standoff over the weekend which ended peacefully when they used a robot to deliver a vape pen to the 40-year-old man threatening to set the store on fire.

Indemnis Wants To Put Parachutes On Your Drones

There are reasons why drones are not allowed to fly over crowds. This is due to safety because should a drone suddenly lose power, it will crash to the ground and depending on how big it is and whether the rotary blades are still moving, can cause pretty serious accidents as we have seen in the past.


Robot Delivery Dogs Deployed By Self-Driving Cars Could Become A Thing

The problem with human delivery drivers is that usually it’s one person doing everything. For example in the day of an average delivery driver, they will drive along their routes in a truck, make all their stops, and call it a day. This isn’t particularly efficient as some places take longer to get to, and like we said, it’s basically one person doing everything.

Samsung Wants To Use Robots To Help The Elderly

#CES2019 – Samsung is a company best known for their phones and TVs, but it seems that the company had a bit of a surprise announcement to share towards the end of its keynote at CES. The company announced some robotic initiatives that they were looking into dubbed Samsung Bot Care.

Pepsi Deploys Robots To Deliver Snacks To College Students

Food and beverage giant Pepsi has announced that it has rolled out the snackbot at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The robot has one simple purpose: to carry snacks and beverages for college students. This outdoor, self-driving robot carries snacks and beverages from Hello Goodness which is a curated portfolio of “better-for-you” brands by the company.

World Bank Claims Robots Aren’t Killing Off All Our Jobs Yet

It’s not hard to imagine that robots could take over our jobs some day. After all robots don’t need rest, they don’t sleep, they don’t eat, which means that they could work 24/7 which is definitely more efficient than humans. This has led some to express concern that one day humans could be out of a job.

Couple Released Without Charges Over Gatwick Drone Incident

A couple who were arrested over the Gatwick drone incident have recently been released without charges, and might be considering suing the newspapers that identified them. According to Mark Stephens, head of media law at Howard Kennedy, he claims that the couple has a strong case should they wish to pursue it.

Two Have Been Arrested In Gatwick Airport Drone Disruption

The other day it was reported that a couple of rogue drones were spotted flying around Gatwick Airport in London, resulting in flights being grounded while the authorities tried to figure out a way to bring the drones down and to locate the drone operators who were clearly in big trouble over this.

Rogue Drones Disrupt Flights Taking Off From London’s Gatwick Airport

There are reasons why drones aren’t allowed to fly near airports. This is because much like how birds that fly into the engine of a plane can prove to be destructive, the same can be said for drones. In fact recently there was a report of how a drone might have collided mid-air with a plane, causing damage to the nose of the aircraft, although thankfully that was the extent […]

Japanese Robot Lovot Just Wants Your Hugs

A new robot has been developed in Japan that will roam around your house and do little more than ask you for hugs. Lovot has a plush body that’s warm to touch and big, attentive eyes. The robot itself looks like a combination of a penguin and an owl but it certainly doesn’t look as odd as that may sound.

Autonomous Food Delivery Robot Spontaneously Catches Fire

Robots are machines and machines can sometimes malfunction. What’s not as normal is when they spontaneously combust. That’s what happened to an autonomous delivery robot on a Berkeley, California walkway over the weekend. The fire was put out by a passerby before the city’s fire department arrived on the scene and sprayed down the machine with foam. The robots are made by a delivery startup called Kiwi which confirmed in […]

Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Might Have Collided With Drone Midair

There is a reason why regulators have banned drones from being flown around airports. This is because while we’re sure it will be cool to take some videos and photos of planes taking off and landing from the perspective of a drone, it might end up being a bit dangerous as an inexperienced pilot might accidentally fly too close.