Japan Wants To Send A Transforming Robot Ball Onto The Moon
Throughout the years, the space agencies of various countries have sent rovers into space where they are used to help scout the surfaces of the places they land on, whether it be the moon or other planets like Mars. For the most part, these rovers look like miniaturized four wheel drives, but Japan could have a different approach.

Researchers Create A Robotic Probe That Could Be Used To Detect Landmines
Clearing buried landmines can be a tedious and dangerous process, but that might not be the case anymore in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future. This is because thanks to researchers at MIT, they have built a robot called the “Digger Finger” that could be used to help safely detect buried objects such as landmines.

This Robot Collects Delivery Orders On Behalf Of Drivers For Convenience
Delivery service is all the rage these days, especially with the pandemic which has forced restaurants to be more aggressive with delivery, and with customers opting for delivery instead of driving out. Now over in Singapore, Grab will be testing out a robot that will go around a mall collecting ordered food items on behalf of drivers.

This ‘Blind’ Robot Can Walk Up A Flight Of Stairs By Itself
Robots, just like humans, require sensors in order for them to “see” like we would with our eyes. However, also just like humans, these sensors don’t always work so well especially in dim lighting conditions or in the dark. In such a scenario, a robot would almost be useless, but that’s not the case with Cassie.


This Underwater Drone Uses Light, Not Cables, To Communicate
Radio waves don’t travel well through water, which means that in order to send a robot down underwater and to communicate with it, in the past this would have involved using a tether in the form of a cable. However, the downsides are obvious, like not being able to go deep enough because the cable would have a fixed length.

DJI Unveils Its Brand New Air 2S Drone
If you’re shopping about for a new drone, you might be interested to learn that DJI has recently announced its latest drone in the form of the DJI Air 2S. This is not a small drone by any means, nor is it particularly large, so it’s perfect for those who want something in the middle that’s still relatively easy to bring around.

This Robot Uses UV Light To Kill Viruses On Airplanes
The world is still pretty much in lockdown at the moment. While there is still some travel taking place, for the most part it is very restricted and people usually need a good reason to travel to another country. We imagine that eventually the world will return to normal, but if anything, the pandemic has shown us that we need to start taking these types of threats a lot more […]

Boston Dynamics Unveils A Robot That Can Move Boxes In Warehouses
When you think of Boston Dynamics, you might think of the company’s robots like Spot. However, the company is expanding on the types of robots they are offering where it seems that they have expanded to industrial robots, one of which is called Stretch that can be used in places like warehouses.

This Candy Robot Will Follow You Around The Store To Tempt You
You know when you’re at the supermarket and the candy bars are usually located at the checkout counter? It’s there for a reason, it’s meant to tempt shoppers waiting in line to make that impulsive purchase, but if you’ve ever managed to resist the urge to purchase it, good on  you.

Viral Video Of Single-Take Drone Footage In A Bowling Alley Has Hollywood Talking
If you thought that piloting a drone was easy, it’s not. While it might not be too difficult to get it off the ground, getting the drone to fly the way you want and to capture the footage you want does take quite a bit of skill, which is why a recent video footage of a drone flying through a bowling alley in Minnesota has everyone in Hollywood (and the […]

Hummingbird Drone Captures Rare Closeup Footage Of A Monarch Butterfly Swarm
The problem with capturing footage, whether it be photos or videos, of nature is that due to our presence, it can scare away animals and insects and cause them to behave unnaturally. However, researchers might have found a way around it by creating a drone disguised as a hummingbird which allowed them to capture this incredible footage of a swarm of Monarch butterflies that you can check out in the […]

Unmanned Combat Drone Hits Crazy Speeds Of Over 1,500mph
Unmanned combat drones aren’t exactly new. We’ve heard about them and read about them being used in warfare, but it seems that we could be reaching new heights in drone technology. This is thanks to Kelley Aerospace who have managed to craft an unmanned combat drone that can hit speeds of over 1,500mph.

DJI Launches Their FPV Drone
Drone flying typically involves the pilot looking at a screen which streams the drone’s POV through its built-in camera. This is how it’s usually done and for the most part, it works. However, if you’re hoping to have a brand new experience and see through the eyes of the drone, DJI has you covered.

Researchers Develop Insect-Like Drones That Can Withstand Impact
With drones, obviously if you can make them really small they would be inconspicuous and would not be noticed by anyone. However, the downside to small drones is that you would have to sacrifice certain things, like ditching the motor which in turn could make it less effective compared to a drone with a motor.

The CIA Once Had A Robotic Spy Catfish Called Charlie
If you saw a fish swimming in the lakes or rivers or the sea, chances are you probably wouldn’t think twice about it being there. We can only assume that is one of the reasons why a couple of decades ago, the CIA actually created a robotic catfish, which they called Charlie, and used it for intel gathering operations.

DJI’s FPV Drone Leaked In Hands-On Review Video
Ever wonder what it might be like to fly a drone in a first-person perspective? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that DJI could have such a drone in the works. This is according to an unboxing video by Dominion Drones who seems to have published the video a bit too early.

Researchers Create Origami-Like Patch For Sealing Internal Injuries
Cutting someone open to save them is a double-edged sword. This is because of the stress that such an operation could have on the body, which is why robotic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular choice as it can help with minimally invasive surgery thanks to its parts being relatively small, at least compared to our hands and fingers.

Makers Of The Sophia Robot Plan A Massive Rollout In 2021
The concept of robots aren’t new. We see them in factories where they help to make all kinds of products, but they are exactly common outside of those settings. Sure, you might see a couple if you go to Japan or Korea, but like we said, it’s not very often that you would encounter a robot in a home or in a shop.

Hyundai Limits Human-To-Human Contact With Its DAL-e Robot
Right now, the pandemic is still going on all over the world. While the vaccinations have already begun, it is still generally advised that we should maintain social distancing. To help limit the amount of human-to-human interactions, and possibly to show off its technology, Hyundai has rolled out its DAL-e robot which they will begin piloting at the Hyundai Motor showroom in Seoul, South Korea.

Roborock S7 Mops and Vacuums Simultaneously
There is something very attractive about robotic vacuuming and mopping because it’s clearly something that no one wants to do. Over the years, we’ve tried quite a few and have kept an eye on the industry ever since.