YouTube Removes Robot Battle Videos After Mistaking It For Animal Cruelty

Platforms like YouTube are home to millions of videos, which means that it would be a near-impossible task for humans to moderate all of its content. This is why the company uses algorithms and tools that are designed to help it identify certain types of content automatically and flag it for removal.

French Drone Startup Delair Lands Contract With Mining Group Eramet

When we think of drones, we think of those that are commercially available where they are used for photography or videography purposes. However, drones have much more potential than just grabbing photos or videos, and have been finding a fair amount of commercial use. For example, drones can be used to survey construction sites.

FAA’s New App Helps Drone Operators Figure Out Where They Can And Cannot Fly

Drone operators are probably aware that over in the US, there are various restrictions set in place by the FAA in which there are certain locations where they may or may not fly their drones. This makes sense, especially since flying drones near places like airports can be rather dangerous and disruptive.

MIT Has Created A Drone That Can Switch Between Hovering And Gliding

When it comes to drones, there are pretty much two types that exist in the market. One of those types have been designed to be like a plane where it glides in the air, while the other sports a quadcopter design where it can hover thanks to the design of its rotors. Both have their uses, but what if you could switch between gliding and hovering?


Amazon Still Working On A Mobile Home Robot, Claims New Report

Amazon has launched all manner of hardware products over the past few years but a mobile home robot has not been one of them. There have been a few reports in the past about such a product being in development over at the company. A new report mentions that Amazon is still working on a wheeled home robot which would quite understandably feature its Alexa personal assistant as well.

Moment Has Created An Anamorphic Lens For Drones

Thanks to the wide available of commercial drones, it has become incredibly easy for amateur filmmakers to use drones to film aerial and cinematic shots. However, if you’re looking to take your drone videography to the next level, Moment might have a new lens that you could be interested in.

Russia Wants To Equip Its Soldiers With Bomb-Carrying Drones

We’ve seen how drones can be used in the military where they can be used for surveillance purposes or even attacks. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we’ve also seen how small drones can get, which makes bringing them around a pretty easy thing to do, and Russia is hoping to leverage that for its military.

Robot ‘Duck’ Could Help Farmers Keep Their Fields Clear Of Weeds

Weeds are the bane of every gardener and farmer’s existence. Over in Asia, rice farmers who have opted not to use pesticides to get rid of weeds instead rely on nature, or more specifically, ducks, to help them get rid of weeds. This is because ducks will tear up weeds, snack on insects, and even their manure will help fertilize their fields.

Scientists Create A Realistic Robotic Fish And Pumped It Full Of ‘Blood’

The problem with most robots is that they tend to move very stiffly. This is due to the design of robots which for the most part, still doesn’t have the mobility and flexibility of a human being yet. However, researchers from Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania have developed a robotic lionfish that has movement that could be described as more realistic.

Robots Are Now Coming For Dishwashing Jobs

When it comes to robots replacing human jobs, the most obvious jobs that can be taken over are the ones involving manual labor and also jobs that are repetitive. The assembly line is the perfect example, where robots can be used to take over mundane and repetitive tasks without getting tired or making mistakes.

Domino’s Will Now Deliver Your Pizza Via Self-Driving Robots In Houston

Domino’s is no stranger to adopting the latest in technology to get your pizza to you even quicker. It’s trying out some new tech for those who are based in Houston, Texas. Customers in Houston will soon be able to get their Domino’s pizza delivered to them in a self-driving robot. Domino’s has entered into a partnership with robotics delivery startup Nuro for this purpose.

MIT Has A New Robot That Can Identify Objects By Sight And Touch

Robots have no trouble picking up objects, but the problem is they don’t know what they are touching. This is actually a very useful feature to have, because if robots could identify what they are touching or holding, it will make it easier for them to help sort and categorize objects, which might be handy when recycling, picking up hazardous materials, and so on.

MIT Develops Algorithm That Lets Robots Predicts How Humans Move

There are some who believe that AI combined with robots could mean the end of humanity, where one days there will be a robot uprising where they will take over the Earth. It looks like we could be inching towards that future, where researchers at MIT have developed an algorithm that could help robots predict how humans move.

DJI’s Robomaster S1 Wants To Make Learning Coding And Robotics Fun

Back in the day, learning coding was a very niche topic to study and there were many who believe that it wasn’t a particularly important topic to learn, unless that was the field that you wanted to get into. These days, it’s a very different story as many companies and institutions are starting to emphasize the importance of coding.