Unless you are living in an actual Transformer, chances are the abode where you find shelter and respite from after each grueling day at the office would be largely static, other than the times when you have saved enough to perform a renovation of the entire place. For folks who live in countries with seasonal temperature changes, the way your home stands up to the weather will definitely play a role in the kind of comfort level you experience throughout the year. The Dynamic D*Haus is one interesting concept that will change its shape to accommodate different kinds of weather conditions, as well as time changes, sunrise, and sunsets just to mention a few.

UK designers David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson are the brains behind the Dynamic D*Haus, which is capable of changing into 8 different shapes. Inspired by Henry Dudeney’s mathematical formula, known as the Haberdasher’s Puzzle, it will divide an equilateral triangle into a quartet of parts, which will then be reconfigured to form a square. The Dynamic D*Haus’ main purpose was to make it more pleasant to live under the harsh weather conditions in Lapland, but this design is universal, so it does not really matter where you reside in.

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