All the single ladies, now put your hands up! A new Japanese website offers a different kind of service for women. No, it’s not the spa or the salon, it’s actually a website where in women can hire a handsome young man to keep her company at night. The website is called Soine-ya Prime, and before you think about prostitution, the website appears to have some strict set of rules that excludes kissing or touching private parts. A quick look at the website also reveals the caption that says, “We do not offer any sexual services.” So, what exactly is Soine-ya Prime offering?

Customers can rent Soine-ya Prime’s employees and ask them to sleep with them, go out on a date, have them clean your house – simple cleaning that is, eat with them in the restaurant, and even ask them to cook provided that the ingredients are ready. The point here is to just rent someone who can accompany women, especially during lonely times. Women have bigger emotional needs, so the wholesome service sounds right. Soine-ya Prime says that its inspiration is taken from the television drama show Shimshima, a TV show about a woman who happens to have some trouble sleeping after a divorce. The drama’s famous catchphrase says, “”Sleeping with men makes women stronger.”

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