Taylor Binns started to go blind due to complications with his contact lenses, and it gave him the window of opportunity to adjust himself for a life without vision. However, fate dealt him a kinder hand, as an innovative treatment that relies on stem cells has altered his final destiny, while returning him the gift of sight. Part of his eyes were damaged because contact lenses made him legally blind, but as to how often that happens in contact lens users, I shall not turn over that stone.

What we know is, doctors performed a stem cell transplant on Taylor Binns to help him regain his sight, and thanks to the medical team over at the Toronto Western Hospital, everything turned out to be hunky dory at the end. Do bear in mind that corneal transplant was out of the question in Binns’ case, as the doctors decided to settle for a limbal stem cell transplant, and we are happy to report that Binns is well today, and is fully capable of seeing just like any other normal person.

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