At this point in time, most of us do have bulbs installed in our respective homes – whether it is in a lamp which makes up part of the decoration in the living room, or perhaps to light up the attic or basement, it does not matter. What is important would be the kind of material that the bulb is made out off, and most of the time – if not all, it would be glass. Well, it seems that glass need not be the only material to make up bulbs in the future, not if Michael Stipe and Dr. David Carroll have something to say about it.

After all, neither one of the two mentioned have a liking for “fluorescent, flat, caffeine lights” which tend to fill up most offices and public spaces. Carroll and his team of dedicated scientists are working on a plastic bulb which is made out of field-induced polymer electroluminescent technology (Fipel) that can emulate sunlight instead of the sometimes headache-inducing blue glow which we are all too familiar with. Not only that, other benefits are obvious – a plastic bulb does not heat up, and neither goes it carry mercury, and you need not worry about having it shatter like glass. Sounds like a dream!

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