Now that the Yuletide celebrations are more or less over, some folks out there might be on the lookout to dispose of their Christmas tree that has adorned the living room for a month or more. You could choose to leave it outside of the home with the rest of your trash like the majority, but how about giving it a far more lighted send-off? After all, it did add some flair to your life and that of your family for the better part of one month when it was lighted up, offering shelter to the presents underneath. Some folks decided to transform their tree into the aptly named XMS Missiletoe, followed by a trip to space.

Of course, using the word “space” would be stretching it somewhat, but you could say that the entire flight with the tree attached to it is pretty impressive, all 100 plus feet of it above the ground. Considering how the the tree ended back up on earth tip down, we would recommend this grand send-off to happen in an unpopulated area, otherwise who knows, you might actually have it fall on someone else instead by accident? Not the best way to end the year for sure.

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