The modern day smartphone is a marvel in engineering. Rewind the clock by 15 years, and your smartphone couldn’t even play an MP3, and a color display was unheard of. Fast forward to today, and we have the smartphone that does just about anything, with a slew of add-ons to boot. Who knows, sometime down the road, your smartphone might eventually be able to have Superman’s X-ray vision, in the form of “T-rays”, letting you see through solid objects.

This new kind of vision is made possible thanks to modifications to small, cheap microchips which are able to fit on an ordinary human’s fingertip. The microchips will radiate terahertz waves (“T-rays”) which are capable of penetrating solid materials without having the damaging effects of X-rays, and a hand-held scanner with T-ray capability is said to be able to locate a razor blade hidden inside plastic. How about using it to measure the fat content of chicken meat? When that day comes, we might as well all walk around naked as there’s no point in wearing clothes any more.

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