Back in 2011, the PEOPLE PEOPLE transparent speaker was shown off, and if you thought that you wouldn’t mind having it sit in your living room for your guests to marvel at its design, you may soon be able to do so. From what looked like a mere concept, the folks behind the PEOPLE PEOPLE speaker will be launching a Kickstarter project soon (according to its website), which means that if there are enough people who contribute to its funding, those speakers will be made a reality! The tech specs of the speakers are unknown, although the company claims it will be able to produce “killer sound”, but we have to admit we are curious as to how glass might affect the acoustics considering that most “killer sound” speakers typically use wood as their material of choice.

As you can see in the photo above, one of the key features is that the speaker will sport a glass cabinet that gives off a rather minimalist look, and at the same time being able to blend in with most of your furniture. No word on how much the PEOPLE PEOPLE speaker will cost if made a reality, but check back with us at a later date or the details, or you can head on over to its website to learn more about it.

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