Looking for a one-of-a-kind speaker for your PC? Perhaps the ColorSonik Computer Speakers will get your attention. Made by a New Jersey-based entrepreneur named Bruce Nilson, ColorSonik offers a natural and clear sound with deep bass wrapped in a visually stunning box. Nilson’s inspiration came from his love of old school design and vibrant retro colors. Nilson has another noble reason as to why he used plastic instead of other materials.

“Using plastic may seem retro, but we don’t believe chopping down trees for speaker boxes is sustainable. Clear cutting forests and endangering Pandas to grow eco-friendly bamboo for speakers sucks too,” he said. Basically, as you can see above, ColorSonik features a transparent plastic enclosure that is painted in various color flavors. The speakers are 4x4x7.25 inches and its 3-inch full range driver has a deep bass sound that goes down to 60 hertz. Amplification is 15 watts per channel, and it comes with a standard 3.5mm connector. ColorSonik also has optional color-matched Bluetooth receiver dongles, just in case you want to go wireless.

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