When we’re flying across the U.S. to attend CES or across the world to attend Mobile World Congress, we normally have a number of applications on our smartphone and tablets to make the entire ordeal more bearable. One application we’re going to have to add to our arsenal is Delta’s new app as not only does it offer everything we expect from an airline’s app, but it also offers a pretty neat feature that allows us to view our flight from an entirely different perspective.

Delta Airlines’ application allows you to use its in-flight Wi-Fi to keep track of your flight, but its “glass bottom jet” mode is what really has us counting down the days until our next Delta flight. When the setting is turned on, users will be able to view their plane on a map and take a look at all of the points of interests they’re flying over. You’ll be able to view landmarks as well as a number of messages from your social network, like a check-in from a friend.

Of course, outside of that feature, Delta Airlines’ app also features the ability to have your boarding pass inside of the app, destination guides and even offers a playlist for you to purchase tracks on iTunes to listen to during your trip. If you’re flying Delta anytime soon, and also plan to use its in-flight Wi-Fi, then be sure to check out the glass bottom jet mode and experience your flight in an entirely new way.

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