If you thought that you have seen it all when it comes to video games, then you will be mighty pleased to check out the Evoland trailer above. This title from Japan is a new game from Bordeaux-based Shiro Games is about to be fully baked, with its release being a matter of weeks now. What makes Evoland different from all the other titles that we’ve seen so far is not its genre, but rather, aspects of gaming that we tend to take for granted all this while, including its graphics, sound and gameplay mechanics.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a video says volumes more. After reading what we have to say about Evoland, watching the YouTube video does it justice. Basically, Evoland will be an RPG title that will gradually change from graphics, sound and gameplay that you find in titles which hail from the early 1980s, before “evolving” to those of the 1990s before hitting the kind of polygonal gaming goodness that we are so familiar in modern day action RPGs.

There are elements of The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy thrown into the mix, letting gamers experience the different technological advancements of the genre first hand. Basically, you end up with a very different game from where you begun with.

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