We’re sure that there are gamers out there who wish to be able to play Japanese games, and gamers in Japan who wish to get their hands on games released in the US or Europe, but unfortunately due to region locking, they have to wait a while before those games are released in their markets if at all. This might not be a big deal to some, but at the same time it can be slightly annoying to find your favorite game is region locked to another region. That being said a gamer by the name of Cheesemeister has since launched a petition and is basically asking the White House to enforce a ban on region locking. Of course it isn’t certain at the moment as to whether the petition will be successfully heard, or what the White House will be able to do. We’re sure that developers and console manufacturers all have their reasons for region locking, such as licensing rights which differs from country to country, so some developers might choose to distribute their games to a certain region based on that reason alone. In any case if you feel that region locking should be abolished, feel free to sign Cheesemeister’s petition in the link above.

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