GlassFloor Could Be Future Sports Floor

Now here is a unique invention that could very well change the (sur)face of sports. I am referring to the GlassFloor that sports LEDs under the glass surface which can be changed accordingly to display the lines for any kind of court, and advertisers will love the fact that it can also show off huge ads during timeouts, in addition to the scoreboard – although I would think that the latter is not that practical since glancing at the scores on a separate board is far easier to process mentally than making out the figures with some humans running all over the place.

Not only that, the GlassFloor could be equipped with the relevant sensors that it might eventually show the umpire or referee that a ball or player is out of bounds, and when coupled with replays, it would surely cut down on technical errors – heck, make it a thing of the past. One thing’s for sure, the GlassFloor is not going to find a place in the world of football (soccer for those living in the US), or any other grass-based pitch for that matter. How does the GlassFloor work? Ceramic dots on the glass will help recreate the feel of a wooden surface, and there will be unique etchings that help diffuse the LED light while preventing glare which could bother the athletes.

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