Newsweek is up for a fresh start. Now unchained from the pillars of print, the American weekly newspaper is launching its first digital version featuring an animated cover image. This is a first in the history of the popular magazine. This week’s issue will feature a four-second animation of the descent of the deep-diving submarine Pisces IV. The first digital edition carries the headline “Have We Hit Bottom?” which basically chronicles the last deep sea diving expedition to be ever made by humans.

It also discusses the resistance of legendary explorer Sylvia Earle against the takeover of robots in the field of ocean science. Newsweek Senior Writer, Tony Dokoupil, also highlights exclusive interviews with James Cameron. The animation was captured by Hawaii-based photographer, Hugh Gentry, who shot the high-resolution video 120 feet below the sea. Newsweek’s foray into the digital world has yet to be judged. The magazine hopes that an animated cover will amass more readership and subscriptions.

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