It is a new start for ex-Windows executive Steven Sinofsky. Sinofsky, who left Microsoft in November last year, was a key piece to the success of Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as Microsoft’s very own Surface tablet. But for the 47-year old Microsoft veteran, success will be easier this time around, knowing that “he’s been there and has done that.” We recently learned that Sinofsky has gone back to his teaching career at Harvard, where he teaches about the “ins and outs” of product development.


Apparently that is not all. Today, Sinofsky is launching a new blog called “Learning by Shipping” where he wishes to share his thoughts and perspectives on product development, management, and the process of bringing new products to market. Obviously, blogging isn’t new for Sinofsky. He used to write for Techtalk, a blog focused on the college hiring process at Microsoft, and for the intranet blog Office Hours, which is a blog that discusses the challenges of creating large scale products and services.

He has also co-authored a book with Harvard Business School professor Marco Iansiti and has written extensive articles on the Building Windows 8 blog. “The focus on this blog won’t be about specifics or the past regarding Microsoft, of course. Some topics might come from current events as the basis of more general posts,” writes Sinofsky.

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