Oh, the foolish things that teenagers will do these days. A teen in California has gone overboard by drugging her parents in order to bypass the Internet curfew. Apparently, the teen’s parents had an Internet rule in place that required the Internet to be turned off each time the clock hits 10 in the evening. Together with a friend, the 15-year old daughter bought milkshakes for her parents and secretly added a dose of her friend’s prescription sleeping pill. The plan worked. Although the milkshakes tasted bad, the parents managed to drink a quarter of the fill, which was enough to put them to sleep.

“They had a crunchy texture, bad taste in their mouth. Subsequently, they fell asleep,” says Police Lt. Lon Milka. They woke up the next morning and couldn’t initially recall what happened. Suspecting that it had something to do with the milkshakes, the couple bought a $5 drug testing kit from the local police station and took a drug test. Their fears were confirmed – they got a positive result. The daughter and her friend were arrested on Monday this week. When asked why she did it, the 15-year old girl told the police that the Internet policy was too strict.

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