Do you feel lucky? Well, I suppose those who have already received notification that their Acer W700 keyboard case has begun to ship will certainly answer in the affirmative. This Windows 8-powered tablet known as the Acer W700 did run into some issues of its own at launch, from being delayed to a hiccup in the supply line, while the accompanying plastic dock has been touted to be clumsy and not too portable. It is then nice to see Acer take the correctional step of shipping a revamped keyboard case as you can see above.

The new Acer W700 keyboard case will comprise of three different parts, where one is a microfiber sleeve to which a silicon case and the keyboard that will connect via Bluetooth are able to be charged with the accompanying microUSB cable. If you want to insert and remove the Acer W700 from the silicon case, it is still more trouble than the keyboard cover solution that Microsoft offers with their Surface Pro, but it does seem to serve its function well enough.

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