Normally, whenever there is a new app update on the horizon, the app developer themselves would toot their own horn loud and far, making sure that everyone else and their grandmother will know that it is time to make that upgrade. Well, things are not looking too bright for Amazon at the moment, albeit temporarily, as Amazon did inform users of its popular Kindle iOS app to avoid the update at all costs, at least until further notification.

Word has gotten out that this latest update comes with a glitch that will actually perform the nefarious deed of erasing the user’s entire book library from their iOS device itself. This particular glitch had already been confirmed by Amazon, and they are obviously hard at work on a fix, and hopefully, keep your fingers crossed, that this glitch will be able to get fixed as soon as possible. It would definitely be a bummer, wouldn’t it, to see your whole, carefully collected and assembled book library, perform a David Copperfield act, no?

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