How To Add Contacts To Gmail

In web-based email clients such as the Outlook Web App, adding contacts to your contact list is pretty simple and straightforward and it’s right within the Outlook app itself. However for some reason, this isn’t necessarily the case for Google’s Gmail platform. If you’re trying to find a way to add contacts via Gmail, you should probably stop because the option is not there.

YouTube Will Be Adding Gesture Controls To Its Mobile App

YouTube already supports certain gesture controls on its mobile app, such as double tapping to the left and right of the screen to fast forward or rewind parts of the video. In a report from TechCrunch, it seems that new gesture controls are in the works for YouTube’s mobile app that will be rolled out next week.

Instagram Is Now Optimized For The iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max Again

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram issued an update that seemed to sort of “break” the app for iPhone XR and XS Max users. Basically due to some compatibility and crashing issues, Instagram had to roll back to an older version of Xcode that they used to compile the app, which turn meant that the app was on longer optimized for Apple’s larger iPhones.

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game Announced For Smartphones

While card games, even digital ones, have been around for a while now, it seems that in recent times they are starting to catch on in terms of popularity again. We have to wonder if this might have anything to do with the success that Blizzard is seeing with Hearthstone, but since then we’ve seen quite a few card games launch.


Candy Crush Is Reportedly Still Making $4.2 Million A Day

According to the stats from last year, Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale which was probably one of 2018’s most talked about games, was said to have been earning $2 million a day on iOS devices. This is definitely not a number to sneeze at, but it seems that this still pales in comparison to King’s Candy Crush.

YubiKey With Lightning Launched For iOS Devices

#CES2019 – When it comes to protecting our computers and accounts, the most common way would be a password. However since passwords can be guessed, other methods have since been created such as 2FA, biometric security, and more recently it seems that hardware keys are increasing in popularity.

Google Assistant Is Now Rolling Out To Google Maps

Google Assistant has been slowly making its way into various Google apps and services, but yet one app that was obviously missing Google Assistant was Google Maps. The company did announce last year that its mapping application would be getting support from Google Assistant, but it seems to have taken a bit longer than expected.

Latest Spotify Update Makes It Compatible With iPhone XR, XS Max Screen Sizes

With Apple having introduced new screen sizes to the iPhones and Apple Watch back in 2018, this means that developers have to update their apps and UI elements to make it fit properly, otherwise users will be seeing the zoomed in effect which while functional, doesn’t look very good.

Apple Devices Running iOS 13 Have Already Been Spotted

This year we expect that with Apple keeping to tradition, they will be announcing iOS 13 at WWDC mid-year, followed by a release of the update in the later part of the alongside their iPhones. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that devices running iOS 13 have already been spotted.

Microsoft Edge Beta For iOS Gets Picture-In-Picture

Apple’s Safari browser on iOS is more than capable of getting the job done as a mobile browser, but we imagine that for whatever reasons, people might choose to use a third-party browser, whether it be to sync their bookmarks or maybe due to better performance. Now if you do prefer using Microsoft’s Edge on your iOS device, then you might be interested in the app’s latest beta.

iOS App Store Customers Spent $1.22 Billion Between Christmas And New Year

The holiday season is typically a very popular season and a busy one for companies and shoppers. This is because this is when huge sales take place and people have more time to spend doing things that they might have been too busy to do, like watch movies, play games, and so on.

75% Of All iOS Devices Are Now Running iOS 12

Apple’s iOS platform has never really struggled with adoption, largely thanks to Apple’s way of distributing the update in which it is made available to everyone at once, making it quick and easy for users to update to the latest version. This is why the latest iOS adoption figures don’t really come as a surprise.

How To Turn WiFi OFF on iPhone

When Apple introduced the Control Center feature in iOS 7, it gave users shortcuts to certain iOS features like the WiFi toggle. Users could turn WiFi on or off via this toggle, but with iOS 11, Apple made it so that tapping the WiFi toggle no longer turned it off permanently, and instead only turned it off temporarily where the next day it would be enabled again.

Hebrew Voice Of Siri Sues Apple For Using Her Voice Without Permission

There are a variety of voice options for users to choose from when it comes to Siri. These voices also vary from language to language, and it seems that in the case of the Hebrew version of Siri, the voice actress behind the voice, Galit Gura-Eini, is suing Apple for using her voice without her permission, which apparently has made her say undesirable things.