Test Finds That iOS 12 Improves Performance On Older iPhones

iOS adoption over the years has slowed down somewhat. This is because in previous updates, Apple’s QC has been slightly questionable which resulted in phones performing worse after updates, or being hit with a ton of annoying bugs. If those are some of the reasons that makes you hold back from adopting the recently released iOS 12, perhaps this might change your mind.

iOS 12.1 Beta Hints At Support For 4K External Display

If you’re planning on getting a new iPad, you might want to hold off because it’s starting to sound like the 2018 iPad refreshes could be a major one. Not only have we heard and seen potential signs that Face ID could be coming to the iPad, but now a tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith has suggested support for 4K external displays as well.

iOS 12.1 Beta Supports Face ID In Landscape Mode

We have been hearing rumors that the 2018 iPads are expected to feature the use of Face ID, a security feature that was introduced to 2017’s iPhone X. While it was a rumor, there have been signs that it might actually be true, thanks to code sightings spotted in iOS 12. Now it looks like there could be more evidence of that happening.

Google Maps For CarPlay Is Finally Here

The iOS 12 update was released just yesterday and one of the features of the update that some have been anticipating, is support for third-party mapping interfaces for CarPlay. This means that if you’re using CarPlay and you’d rather not use Apple Maps, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can now use Google Maps as an alternative.


New iPhones Will Allow NFC To Be Used Even When iOS Isn’t Running

We totally understand where companies are coming from these days, where through mobile wallets, companies such as Apple want users to be able to make payments, use loyalty cards, keep their student IDs, use for public transportation, and so on. However there is a problem and that is what if your iPhone is dead or charging? How would you access those features then?

New CSS Attack Freezes Macs And Restarts iPhones

A newly discovered attach will cause a Mac to freeze and an iPhone to restart if the device visits a webpage with specific CSS & HTML. This bug doesn’t affect Windows and Linux users so it’s something that iOS and macOS users only have to keep an eye out for. It was discovered by Sabri Haddouche who is a security researcher at encrypted messaging app developer Wire.

eBay Experiments With Head Tracking For Hands-Free Shopping

A lot of us take certain actions we do everyday for granted, such as swiping up and down, left and right on our phones, tapping on buttons, and so on. However there might be some who are disabled who might find such simple actions to be difficult or impossible. However eBay is hoping to change that with an experiment called HeadGaze.

Apple Encourages Developers To Adopt Subscriptions In New Video

The subscription model is a sustainable model because it ensures that developers can continue to make money after the product is sold. It also incentivizes developers to keep their apps updated with new features for users after its release, and this is a model that Apple is pushing its developers to adopt.

Siri Shortcuts Might Not Have Full Functionality On Older iPhones

One of the features of iOS 12 is the introduction of Siri Shortcuts. In a way you could think of this as being similar to Google Assistant Routines where users can add a bunch of actions and group them together under a single command, meaning that users could launch multiple actions at once.

‘Professor Layton and the Curious Village’ Coming To iOS Devices

If you enjoy playing puzzle style games, there might be a chance you are familiar with Level-5’s Professor Layton series. The game has been launched mostly for Nintendo’s handheld consoles, but some have made their way onto mobile, such as Professor Layton and the Curious Village which was released in Japan earlier this year.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Has Managed To Earn $50 Million To Date

Back in 2017, Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Nintendo has been steadily making its foray into mobile games and so far they seem to be fairly successful. According to the latest figures by Sensor Tower (via Gamasutra), it turns out that the game has managed to earn Nintendo a cool $50 million to date.

Report Claims Top iOS Apps Are Monetizing Location Data

Apple’s App Store charts are a great way to see what everyone is using at the moment and what some of the most popular apps are around. Now unfortunately for some of these apps, it appears that not all of them are on the straight and narrow because in a report shared with 9to5Mac, it appears that some of these top iOS apps are actually monetizing your location data.

Fortnite Performance Fix For iPhone And iPad Promised

Fortnite, one of the most popular games on the market right now, is available for a variety of devices including the iPhone and iPad. Many players on iOS have been complaining about performance issues with the title and they will be happy to know that the developer Epic Games has acknowledged the matter and promised to provide a fix in the coming days.

H1Z1 Will Be Getting Its Own Mobile Version

Battle royale-styled games are pretty hot at the moment. Take a look at PUBG and Fortnite, the latter in which it has been reported to be making $2 million a day on iOS alone. With that being said, it’s not surprising to see that other companies want in on the action, and it looks like fans and gamers of H1Z1 can look forward to a mobile version of the game.