A trip to the mall or doctor’s office could be a test of one’s patience as finding a parking spot could sometimes be completely impossible. What the world needs are automated parking lots which drivers could deposit their car without needing to navigate their way through a maze-like parking lot.

A top-tier apartment community in Southern California recently opened its Auto Parkit garage. This isn’t the first of its kind garage in the U.S., but it certainly is the first automated parking lot to open in Los Angeles.

The way Auto Parkit works is drivers enter the garage through a garage door, which we’re sure many of you have done at one point or another in your lives. The driver then turns off his car and proceeds to exit while waving a key at a kiosk located in a nearby valet area. The garage then loads your vehicle onto a lift that places your car in its designated spot until you decide to retrieve it.

Retrieving your car can be done by waving that same key over any floor-based HID reader, which will order the garage to retrieve your vehicle, with it being available about one minute later ready to be driven out of the garage.

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