Do you love Blackjack? If that is the case, surely part of the thrill include reading emotion at the table as you see the Blackjack dealer deal out cards for everyone. The game tends to be stacked against the players in favor of the dealer which is why a robotics company decided to remove the last bastion of defense that players have against the dealer, that is, human error. Yaskawa Motoman Robotics paraded their SDA10F robot at a Blackjack table last month at Chicago’s Automate 2013, and as you can watch in the video above, it deals hands out thanks to a technology known as Cognex 2D. Cognex 2D is a vision guidance system that can read the cards and deal appropriately.

Will we start to see such robots actually appear in casinos down the road in order to reduce costs in the long run, and since robots do not get tired, and neither do they complain about low wages, they can perpetually be at the table all day and night long, as streams of people come and leave the casino. Thing is, the lack of a human touch, or scantily clad female dealers in numerous casinos in Sin City, are still part of the attraction, and robots and downright boring.

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