Late-night TV show host Conan O’Brien started reviewing video games within the last 6 – 9 months on a semi-regular basis, and each review has been pretty funny, considering Conan has always prefaced each review saying he isn’t a gamer, and actually hates video games. A new video review has aired on his show, and he takes on one of the biggest games of 2012, Halo 4.


During his review, Conan is joined by a staff member who clues him in on what exactly is going on in the game, and he certainly knows his Halo lore. Of course, because of this, Conan asks if his employee has a girlfriend, to which he responds he does not.

Much of Conan’s review is spent ogling over Cortana, and in fact has become very attracted to her. At one point of the video review, Conan can be seen licking the controller in complete and utter lust over Cortana.

Towards the end of Conan’s review, he stumbles onto a point in the game where he and co-host Andy Richter are playing soldiers. Conan stands around to listen to the dialog, but ultimately murders his and Andy’s soldier counterparts.

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