We all know that “there’s an app for that” has proven to be quite the famous saying, but sometime down the distant future, a new saying could very well arise, such as “there’s a robot for that”. Thing is, there is this particular robot that is known as “Jimmy”, where it will roam around the hospital rooms at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center. Jimmy’s role is not to sweep up cigarette butts at the smoking area, or to pick up the trash. It’s main purpose is to assist patients who live in rural areas to interact with experts at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

Doctor Demaerschalk, a Medical Director at the Mayo Clinic, said, “Telemedicine was deployed in order to bring the expert to the patient, when they needed it most, where they needed it most as opposed to transferring the patient from the rural community to the large urban neurological center.”

The likes of Jimmy is said to help reduce transportation time and cost, which means rural hospitals need not have to transport patients to urban cities with large neurological centers any more.

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