I guess that “Turn off that video game console, and go out to play!” would be more or less a common mantra these days when it comes to parents admonishing their kids who seem to be more content merging their bodies with the couch, compared to exploring the wonders of the natural world outdoors. After all, kids get started on electronic entertainment a whole lot younger now compared to back when I was a kid. Thing is, sometimes the weather outdoors is not that conducive for playing, which is why an indoor substitute like the Sky Duel Remote-Controlled Helicopters makes sense.

The Swann Sky Duel twin indoor helicopters is unplayable alone, as you will need to have another person fly his or her own helicopter, and you attempt to shoot at one another by “firing” infrared beams at your opponent. It will come with real whizzing sounds and flashing lights whenever you let loose a “missile”, bringing the whole Air Wolf or Blue Thunder experience home.

A full battery charge offers up to 7 minutes of flying per chopper, and you can pick up the Sky Duel Remote-Controlled Helicopters for $79.99 if you’re interested.

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