Uh-oh, it looks like Sony’s new and somewhat affordable (at least as far as its quality is concerned) Cine Alta cameras are in trouble, and by that we mean that well-known company RED has taken them to court. Yup, RED is alleging that Sony has willfully infringed upon their patents in the development of the Cine Alta F65, F55 and F5. RED claims that by infringing upon their patents, the company has lost sales, reduced the business and profit, and at the same time damaged the general reputation of RED. Considering that RED is a pretty well-known company whose products have been used to shoot movies like The Hobbit and Prometheus, it is safe to say that they are not a bunch of patent trolls looking for a quick cash settlement. In fact the company has gone as far as insisting that an injunction be placed upon the offending devices to stop further sale, and even have them destroyed! Yikes! Seems a bit harsh, but perhaps RED is playing hardball and wants to scare Sony into making a deal rather than drag it out in a potentially lengthy legal battle.

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