A government that moves with the times would know how to soothe and make themselves appealing to the voting public with populist policies, and it seems that our government might be on the cusp of an interesting technological wooing point – to develop free and public Super WiFi networks not in just one state, but across the US. The FCC is mulling over such a proposal, where it will then require local TV stations and broadcasters to sell wireless spectrum to the government. Subsequently, the government will make use of that spectrum in order to build public Wi-Fi networks.

Needless to say, these will not be any ordinary Wi-Fi network, but rather, would be a whole lot stronger compared to the average one due to the spectrum used to build them. On paper, their signal would travel across long distances without missing a beat, while being able to penetrate thick walls and other objects. Should it be successful, do you think that many folks would proceed to cancel their cellular and Internet plans? After all, if something is freely available and works just fine as a paid product, why not settle for the former?

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