Before a child is born, parents have a tough decision coming up with a name for their upcoming bundle of joy. Thousands of questions pop into their heads as they try to ultimately pick a name that would fit their child, who they have yet to meet. It’s a serious decision that should be taken quite seriously considering a person’s name will last their entire life.

One person who isn’t taking it as serious is Natasha Hill, a 26-year-old teach from the San Diego area. Hill just won $5,000 for being chosen as the winner of a promotional contest with What was the promotional contest, you ask? Well – it’s to allow for the Internet to name her baby.

Through’s Belly Ballot service, which chooses names based “on current trending names and Advertiser Sponsorships,” a list of names will automatically be selected and available for voting between March 18 to March 22. What ever name gets the most votes from the Internet, will then become the name of Hill’s baby.

I can’t be the only hoping Hill’s baby ends up with an awful name, like Clorox Hill, right?

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