smugglerNo, the Smuggler mentioned here in the title has nothing to do with illegal bootleg operations, but rather, it is a French fashion label, where they have come up with something that would most definitely rouse some interest among those who are more technologically advanced, and yet are also interested in picking up a suit that is fashionable to look at, and easy on the eyes. Smuggler’s new suit has been touted to be able to perform some “magic” of sorts, as it claims to be able to block electromagnetic waves that have been produced by mobile phones.

This would be the first (at least in my books) instance of the use of technological materials in everyday men’s clothing which will not cause any kind of discomfort, according to Benjamin Anin of the company’s research and development department. The material that was used was three years in the making, and was developed in collaboration with the XLIM Institute in Limoges in southwestern France, as the latter performs research on electromagnetism. Look sharp without potentially harmful electromagnetic waves bombarding your body, certainly a combo that cannot be beat!

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