torq-roadster“And yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black.” is one of the more endearing lines which Lucius Fox playfully mentioned to Bruce Wayne, and if Lucius were to show off the Torq Roadster that you see above, he too, would most probably have muttered the very same words while Bruce himself wets his pants. Wait, that would not be too comely for Gotham’s most eligible bachelor, would it? The Torq Roadster was designed by Epic Electric Vehicles, where it is capable of hitting 60mph from a standstill in just four seconds, courtesy of its electric motor. Of course, this means it would work extremely silently, and has the ability to tackle corners at extremely high speeds without missing a beat.

Sporting a carbon fiber body, polycarbonate windscreen and super-wide 80-inch track suspension, they all work in tandem to make sure that the speed and handling of the Torq Roadster remain at the very optimal level. Of course, removing the fourth wheel proved to be the real master stroke, as it is said to have reduced drag by 25%, boosting acceleration and range along the way. We wonder which playboy billionaire would want this.

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