If you’re in the market for a new notebook, perhaps Acer might have something for you that as far as design is concerned, might not disappoint. The Taiwanese company released a teaser video in which the notebook can be seen in a tie-in with upcoming movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness where the device can be seen with a sliding-hinge screen. The video refers to the notebook as “A Unique Notebook” and states that the device will be revealed in its entirety come 3rd of May, which is a couple of weeks before the movie is released.

Unfortunately apart from the tease, not much else is known about this “unique notebook”, apart from the fact that the Windows 8 brand can be seen at the end of the trailer, suggesting that we could be looking at some sort of hybrid device which is part laptop and part tablet, a feature starting to become common these days. In any case we guess we will know more on the 3rd of May, but in the meantime if you’re curious, check it out in the teaser video above.

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