The Canon 5D Mark III went on sale in the U.S. back in March, 2012. Later that year in October, Canon detailed what software improvements it will be rolling out in April 2013. On the very last day of April, Canon has fulfilled its promise and has released a new firmware update for the high-end DSLR. The update will definitely welcomed by those who use their Canon 5D Mark III to output HDMI feeds. The extra information that was displyed in Live View has been done away with, for actual recording purposes this used to be quite a nuisance, in this version 1.2.1 firmware update. Uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2, 8 bit video can be recorded to an external recorder or displayed during filming on an external monitor.

The update also brings a number of other tweaks as well. Canon says that photographers will now be able to use EF 600 f/4 lens as well as a 2x extender with spot on autofocus performance after the firmware update. The center point at f/8 can now be used by AF system, one can hear the cheers of photographers who use extenders and telephoto lenses for photography that requires accurate performance. The free firmware update for Canon 5D Mark III is available for download now via the manufacturer’s website.

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