TAICHI31_31Tablets come in all shapes and sizes, although it wasn’t too long ago that ASUS decided to push the limits and acceptable range up to a whopping 13.3” with the ASUS Taichi 31. Granted this is an Ultrabook and a tablet mix, we’re not sure if a 13.3” tablet can be considered to be the most portable solution. In any case after several delays, those of you interested in owning such a device will be pleased to learn that according to ASUS, the Taichi 31 is now available for purchase.

For those unfamiliar, the ASUS Taichi 31 will feature dual 13.3” displays. One when the Ultrabook is opened and will act as a regular monitor, and an additional display on its lid which when closed will allow the Ultrabook to double up as a tablet. It will feature touchscreen support, stylus support and will be powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 configurations with SSD storage, making this a pretty powerful device. ASUS did not list out any retailers who might have the device in stock, so you will probably need to keep your eyes peeled. No word on pricing yet either, but we don’t expect this hybrid to come cheap.

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