touchhhHave you ever wanted to star in a music video but never had the chance? Well now you can, sort of, thanks to the group Light Light who has launched a website Do Not Touch (NSFW) where visitors to the website will be part of its crowd-sourced music video. However if you were hoping to get your face on camera, you’re out of luck because this music video will actually feature your mouse cursor! Yup, basically the minute you load the website, you are informed that the movements of your mouse cursor (on the site itself) will be recorded and you will be asked to follow a series of instructions.

Throughout the video, you will be asked to move your cursor according to the instructions on screen, such as staying within the green zone, choosing your gender, catching the green ball and so on. It’s a pretty cool idea and it’s quite novel to see the multitude of cursors moving on screen that belonged to other visitors to the site. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can grab your 15 minutes of fame by visiting the website in the link above.

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