There are a couple of bridges in the world that are famous, such as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge just to name a few, although it looks like for the bridge-enthusiast, Vietnam might be your next stop. To celebrate the 38th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, authorities in the city of Da Nang have opened the world’s largest dragon bridge, which features over 2,5000 Philips LED lights, and how could it not be a dragon if it didn’t breathe fire, right?! Yup, this is a bridge that can release bursts of fire from its mouth, although the fire can also be substituted for water during major festivals.

Work on the bridge supposedly began in 2009 and cost $85 million. Measuring 666 meters in length and 37.5 meters in width, this bridge will support six lanes and is designed after the shape of the dragon during the Ly Dynasty. It’s pretty impressive and if you have a minute to spare, you can check it out in the video above to see some fire-breathing in action.

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