The best cosplayers at any convention are usually the ones who pay excruciating detail to their costumes, making sure that every single piece of clothing and accessory is as close to the “real” thing as possible. Now if you’re looking to cosplay Kingdom Hearts, what better way to top your cosplay off other than wielding the Keyblade from the game, right? That’s pretty much what propmaster Tony Swatton did when he forged a replica of the Keyblade on his YouTube show, Man At Arms.

Swatton is an actual blacksmith in real life and according to his YouTube, he claims to have created replica weapons for more than 200 films, such as The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise for instance. Taking photos and pictures of the Keyblade online, Swatton set out to forge an actual Keyblade, although in this case, Swatton decided to make a slight detour and made the tooth portion of the blade sharp, so that it could actually cut something. It’s pretty awesome and we’re not sure if Swatton plans to sell the replica, but you can check out the entire process in the video above.

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