krystal-boardI am quite sure that for the majority of us out there, we all do have fond memories of our school life, where an integral part of it would be copying down notes from the teacher from what was written on the blackboard using chalk. Of course, some other places have opted for the whiteboard, but either way, a whole lot of writing was required, and there was no way to digitize all that was written back then. Nicholas DePorzio decided to do things differently at Northeastern University’s Husky Startup Challenge Demo Day, where his idea, the KrystalBoard, took the top prize.

KrystalBoard is a liquid crystal-based writing board that was inspired in some ways by Boogie Board’s range of scratch pads. In terms of functionally, they are more or less similar, where a stylus is used to scratch your message into the panel, and once you are done, pressing a button would erase it. What makes the KrystalBoard different is its ability to scale to far larger sizes, where his initial prototype took half a dozen weeks to construct, and was functional enough to obtain the top gong.

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