nexus10-coverThe Nexus 10 tablet is definitely worth taking a look at if you are one who wants an Android-powered tablet that does not hail from the folks over at Samsung, and neither do you want to settle for the seeming lack of quality in those China brands, and if you are going to pick up a tablet, why not make sure that it will be accompanied by the right kind of accessories? This is where the Nexus 10 Cover comes along, where it is released nearly five months after the Nexus 10 hit the market, and the Nexus 10 Cover is now available on the Google Play Store as its first official accessory.

For those who are trying to figure out the removable piece of plastic that is located on the back of the Nexus 10 which surrounds the camera, that is what the Nexus 10 Cover will hang on to, or rather, hook into if you want to get more technical and exact. Only two colors are available at the moment, dark grey and scarlet, and we do hope to see more colors arrive for this $29.99 tablet.

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