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How to Get a Refund From the Google Play Store
In real life when we purchase something that didn’t live up to our expectations or it turned out to be something we don’t need, usually we are able to return it to the store and get a refund. The same applies to downloaded apps, music, movies, and ebooks from Google Play, and here’s how you go about getting a refund for them.

Google Play Now Makes Making Donations Easier
If you’ve ever wanted to make a donation, there are various ways to go about doing that. Now it seems that Google is trying to make that process a bit easier by launching a donation hub on Google Play. This means that users will be able to quickly and easily make their donations to various charities of their choice all from one location.

Google Play Update Helps Make App Installs Smaller
Just like computers, when smartphones were first launched, apps in general weren’t that big. However as our phones got more capable, app install sizes got larger to accommodate all the necessary assets, such as higher-res audio files, higher-res textures for graphics in games, and so on.

Apple Pay, Google Pay Now Accepted At The Church Of England
As the rest of society gets even more hi-tech, we suppose it is inevitable that even religion catches up. For example at one point WeChat allowed users to pay for prayers, so we guess it isn’t surprising that the Church of England is now accept more modern payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay when it comes to receiving donations.


Google Also Cuts Prices For 4K Movies
Apple recently launched its new set-top box, the Apple TV 4K. As the name suggests, the set-top box is capable of streaming content in 4K UHD. Apple announced that iTunes users will automatically get their purchases upgraded from HD to UHD at no additional cost. We saw Amazon cut prices for 4K content on Amazon Video after this and now Google has taken a similar step.

Google Drive Billing Now Linked To Google Play
If you’re the type that prefers to have one account handle their subscriptions, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google Drive storage billing is now linked to Google Play. This was previously announced by Google, but as noted by the folks on Reddit (via Android Police), it looks like the feature has begun to roll out to users.

Google Play Family Library Lets You Share Purchases With Family
Google is making it very easy for members of a family to share the stuff they purchase on Google Play. The company today announced a new feature called Google Play Family Library which allows up to six members of a family to share their Google Play purchases. Whenever a user purchases an eligible app, movie, TV show, game or book in the Play Store they will be able to share […]

Google Introduces A New Look For Its Play Family Of Apps
Google Play was launched four years ago and since then the company has made it the go-to destination on Android to watch movies and TV shows, read books, play games, and download applications. The Google Play family of apps include the likes of Play Store, Play Music, Play Music, Play Books and more. The company today introduced a new look for its Play family of mobile applications.

Jay-Z Pulls More Albums Off Non-Tidal Music Streaming Services
By now we’re sure many of you guys are aware of the fact that hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is the owner of music streaming service Tidal. While the platform does hold a lot of promise, especially to those who are extra particular about the audio quality of their music streams, Tidal does not appear to be gaining the same amount of traction compared to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, […]

Comic Reading On Google Play Books Is Now Improved
So, how do you like your comics served – mint, near mint, or worn? I still remember buying Wizard, the Guide to Comics when it boils down to rating the kind of comics that I have in my collection just in case I would like to part with them, acid-free backing board and all. Having said that, how about reading comics on a digital platform like Google Play Books? Google […]

HTC And Verizon Offer $100 Google Play Credit To One M9 Customers
HTC has teamed up with Verizon to entice people to purchase its latest flagship smartphone, which is merely an evolutionary update of last year’s flagship handset. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the company is finding it hard to sell as many One M9 units as it really needs to. It’s running a new promotion with Verizon through which One M9 customers are being offered $100 in Google Play […]

Sega Removes 3 Games From Google Play Store
Ah! The ignominy of it all. If you happen to be a game that has been happily spending time on the Google Play Store while serving up a fair number of downloads yourself, chances are you would be deeply disappointed upon hearing that you are about to be removed. This is what happened recently as Sega removed not one or two, but a trio of games from the Google Play […]

Google Play Reportedly Beats App Store in Southeast Asia by 4:1 ratio
Southeast Asia is another booming smartphone market and a research has revealed that Google Play Store is the most preferred app download platform in the region.The study was conducted by a research firm App Annie, and the research reveals that in Southeast Asia region Android seems to be winning over iOS. The region has more Android users and hence, it has recorded much more download from the Google Play than […]

HTC Updates Video Player On Google Play
It looks like HTC is having a ball of a time when it comes to updating their apps over on Google Play, making life a whole lot easier not only for the smartphone owner, but also for the carriers. No longer do carriers need to wait for a customized app release, as anyone using that particular HTC smartphone can always head on to Google Play to see what app has […]