pirate-gamesYou know what they say, what goes around, comes around. It seems that players who find it difficult to muster a few dollars together, and are enjoying pirated copies of ‘Game Dev Tycoon’, will suffer a somewhat similar fate in their virtual studios as the sense of irony prevails, with these virtual studios experiencing the scourge of piracy in-game, too. This was discovered after Greenheart Games rolled out a “cracked” version of its Game Dev Tycoon title to illegal downloading sites, and anyone who attempts to play the game development simulation for more than a few hours would be on the receiving end of a thinly veiled hint concerning the negative consequences of their actions. A message will pop up as you see above, informing the player that folks have taken steps to pirate their studio’s game, and profits will continue to plummet until the virtual company goes belly up.

It seems that Patrick Klug of Greenheart Games shared in a blog post, touting that the cracked version of Game Dev Tycoon comprised of more than 93% of all Game Dev Tycoon downloads, where it is meant to highlight the frustrated response of players who were experiencing the struggles of piracy in a first-hand manner. This is clearly thinking out of the box to get the message across, don’t you think so?

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