Rockmelt today released a major update of its iOS app. Version 3.0 brings a lot of improvements, the company says that they’ve packed a “lot of goodness” in this big release.┬áThe app is now claimed to be twice as fast, user’s are said to feel the speed right away, especially when new content loads and they navigate around. The visuals have also been improved.┬áVibrant colors have been added to the navigation and side bars which gives the app a nice feel. Pictures view has also been updated.

Social features have been revamped too. Support for @mentions and hashtags has been added, which makes it easier to share your favorite content with your friends, and interact with the content they’ve shared. Tapping on a hashtag will bring up all stories across Rockmelt that carry that tag. Rockmelt for iOS v3.0 is available for download from iTunes App Store. The company also released Rockmelt for Web earlier today, which brings most of the features mentioned here over to the desktop. Though currently in invite-only beta, existing Rockmelt users will be the first ones to get the invites.

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