Screen-Shot-2013-04-03-at-1.08.24-PMThe other day we reported that according to a rumor, Spotify was interested in launching a video streaming service of their own, possibly to help give themselves an edge over the competition, as well as provide an additional channel of revenue. While we have yet to see Spotify launch such a feature, it seems that their rival, Rdio, has managed to beat them to the punch with the launch of Vdio.

Launching for Rdio Unlimited subscribers in the US, Vdio is expected to be similar to Rdio in the sense that instead of discovering new music, Vdio will allow users to discover new movies. According to the company:

The first thing you’ll notice about Vdio is that it’s designed to solve the “what to watch” problem. It’s not just that we’ve got amazing content, but that the experience is now geared to get you from searching to watching faster. We’re introducing the notion of Sets ­— playlists for TV shows and movies — so anyone can make and share lists of their favorites, making it easier than ever to discover new stuff. Or, you can just check out what your friends are watching in the moment and jump in. Beyond that, Vdio has the beautiful design and social features that people love about Rdio, with plenty more to come.

Vdio will work in your browser, even on mobile devices like the iPad, meaning that you will not have to download any app. At the moment Rdio Unlimited subscribers will receive $25 free credit to watch movies with, but after that they will have to pay for future video streaming.

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