asrock-m8Now here is a gaming PC for the ages that you might want to check out and actually bring home if you love something that is futuristic looking and yet minimal in nature – the ASRock M8. The ASRock M8 is even equipped with an OLED display that allows users to tune in or to check on the system’s statistics at a glance, making it a surefire attention puller at this year’s Computex 2013 event that is held in Taipei, Taiwan. This is a masterpiece of a collaboration between ASRock and BMW Group DesignworksUSA, where it relies on anodized aluminum and steel to form the basis of its chassis.

The side of the case itself is partially transparent, allowing you to admire the motherboard as well as components without missing a beat. Of course, just like how one does not judge a book by its cover, so too, should we not judge the ASRock M8’s performance by its size, as it has the functionality of a gaming beast that has been touted to be nothing short of awesome. The OLED display is useful to check on the system’s status without having to hook up another monitor, now how about that?

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