Australia Bans Dead Island: Riptide AdWe have received word from local distributors for Dead Island: Riptide that they have done away with a trailer for the game that has a suggestion of suicide, where this is part of a response to complaints that poured in, touting that Dead Island: Riptide is “too graphic”. In the Dead Island: Riptide ad that eventually proved to be offensive to the majority, it displayed portions of the opening cinematic, where a couple seemed to trigger a gas canister explosion instead of face the prospect of being eaten to death by zombies.

Of course, one might step forward to say that this is actually the game’s logo, and not the content itself, which raised a certain level of ire, as one of the complaints noted that “the ad is too graphic in terms of its depiction of suicide, particularly the final image of the man hanging from a tree” because it may be “very traumatic” especially to those who did lose a family member to the scourge of suicide before. According to AIE Australia, they claimed that the violence shown as well as suicide is justified by context. What do you think of all this? Still AIE decided to pull the offending ad and replace it, although they were disappointed by the hue and cry raised.

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